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A la carte pricing for a la incredible talent.

When you hire the marketing department, you only pay for the services you need. And you get access to a plethora of incredibly skilled marketing professionals. Based on your needs, budget and personality, we will connect you with award-winning graphic designers and art directors, copywriters and editors, web designers, printers, photographers, videographers, actors and voice talent. And if you need any additional talent beyond that, we can most likely arrange that too.

Our Top 10 Credos (and Credon’ts):

  • Service – First and foremost, it’s all about you. Not us.
  • Community awareness and involvement – In a town this size, what goes around comes around. And around again. So it almost always pays to pay it forward.
  • Spontaneity and Adaptability – Some of the best things in life happen outside the “plan.”
  • Stewardship – You can’t put a price on true responsibility for resources and ideals.
  • Expertise – There’s no substitute for experience, especially when it comes with a healthy dose of enthusiasm.
  • Teamwork and Connectedness – It takes a village to raise a business. So we populate our “community” with a network of creative problem solvers.
  • Sincerity and empathy – We always try to walk in the shoes of our clients and colleagues (no matter how uncomfortable they are) and give credit where it’s due.
  • Communication – It’s a two-way street to be sure. So the best way for us to prevent conversational road rage is to communicate honestly, promptly and cheerfully. And whenever possible, in person.
  • Creativity – If our minds aren’t open to the best possible solution, whatever that may be, we run the risk of being boring. That’s not an option.
  • Having fun – It’s an absolute must.

It is easy to start a project but it is hard to do it well. Well, not for us.

At TMD, we take pride in doing it all. With a phenomenal team that is in it for the companies they work for, it’s a sure recipe for success! Check out some of our work, ask questions, and get ahold of us to improve you business’ reach!

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